Triple H themed wedding in Lahore Pakistan

Lahore based Pakistani man is so obsessed with WWE wrestler Triple H that he entered in his wedding function the way his favorite wrestler entered the ring.

The groom who wanted to give an impression of Triple- H  walked down the red carpet with world Heavyweight championship belt on his shoulder amidst the cheers of the audience and “its time to play the game!” the theme song playing in the background.

Video of his unique and grand entrance went viral on social media and caught the attention of online lifestyle magazines and news websites.

Such crazy act by his die hard fan didn’t go unnoticed by the Triple-H, and he responded to the man through his tweet.

It is not astonishing that a Pakistani man would go to such an extent for celebrating his favorite wrestlers. It is very common for youth in Pakistan to idealize the wrestlers and watch them fighting in the ring. No wonders if more soon to be wed grooms come up with more such themes for their wedding ceremonies after seeing this example.

Last year a body builder from KPK caught the attention of the international media when he claimed to be the world’s heaviest man and intended to fight in the WWE right.


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