Pakistani women challenge the men

It has not been so long since Pakistani CII (Council of Islamic Ideology) gave the men authority to beat their wives lightly. Public widely criticized the Fatwa of CII and brutally mocked it on social media and other media outlets. Now, the Pakistani woman is openly challenging man by asking him try to beat me.

Pakistani women have come up with a more substantial reason for allowing men to beat them in every sphere of life. In a new campaign launched by UN Women Pakistan, the famous ladies of Pakistan who have astounding accomplishments to their credit, come and challenge the men to beat them in the game of life.

The campaign Try To Beat me, I am unbeatable features the famous Pakistani females from all the fields of life who struggled in their lives to fight against the taboos of Pakistani Society.

In the video where Naseem Hameed, Misha Shafi, Momina Mustehsan, Amina Sheikh, Sarwat Gillani and Samina Baig can be seen by challenging the men to defeat them in their field if they are real people. All these ladies have huge stories of struggle and effort behind their present day success. They are an icon of women empowerment and feminism in Pakistan.

Whether it is the firm standing of Momina Mustehsan against her objectification on social media, or hard endeavor of Naseem Hameed to become a champion woman for winning the Gold Medal; the campaign is hell bent on revealing the actual strength and power of a woman that makes her subservient to men by no means.

Yes, don’t think that this is a campaign will only focus on the models, actresses, athletes ad sports women, rather it would feature a lady who works in fields, who is a housewife and who does the necessary task of bringing new life to the world.

The campaign is a part of the United Nations Secretary-General UNiTE to end violence against the women. It would start from 25 November, International Day to End Violence on Women and to 10 December, International Human Rights Day.


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