Turkish man proposes girlfriend

The video of a Turkish man proposing his future wife in front of Holy Kaaba inside the Haram Shareef is going viral.

Yusuf Akion, a Turkish correspondent for the government TRT space channel, had presented wedding ring to her fiance in front of Holy Kaaba in 2012. But she put the condition to give a ring by kneeling down and film the entire event.

Finally, Akion after waiting for five years again proposed her fiance and gave her ring by kneeling down and filmed the event live on social media.


According to media reports, Akion said, “Here I am in front of the Holy Kaaba. Here are also our blessed mothers. I am a little bit ashamed of them, but I thought I was doing something good.”

After posting the video on social media, he got a mixed response from the audience. Many congratulated him and appreciated his step while there were those who bashed him for the desecration of the Holy place that is meant for religious rituals.

All these, difference apart Yousuf Akion has indeed set a new precedent for the youth. The public thinks mutually agreed upon places to be worthy of presenting a wedding ring.

Famous Eifel tower of the Paris takes the credit, as many celebrities around the globe including Pakistani showbiz couple of Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed chose this place for their formal wedding proposal.

Choosing the holy places for such worldly matters can be a good omen. It is common for heads of the states and other dignitaries to hold the Nikah ceremonies at this sacred place. Prime Minister Pakistan Nawaz Sharif has had held his daughter in law’s nikah ceremony at the same venue.


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