Rape Law in turkey

“Rape her once and get a license to abuse for entire life”. The new law on rape passed by the Turkish government has outraged the masses in Turkey as thousands of people came out on roads to protest against it. The law only ridicules the freedom of young girls and their status as a free human and member of society.

The law says that anyone who rapes a girl can be forbidden if he agrees to marry the victim. The law simply implies that a rape victim is just a culprit and after being subjected to enforcement she does not remain worthy of social acceptance. So, if criminal vows to marry her, then he is doing an act of deed that would just restore all the lost honor of the lady and help her to retain a status in the society.

Members of the Turkish civil society widely condemned the law and regarded it as an attempt to legalise the rape in the country. The bill was presented in the Parliament by AKP, The party of the Turkish President Tayyab Erdogan.

Protesters also criticised the AKP and raised slogans against the party. Like one banner said, AKP take your hands off my body”.

The parliament gave the preliminary approval to the bill on Thursday, and it would be further presented for debate on Tuesday.

There is no doubt that taking punitive actions against a common vice rather than curing it has remained a major issue of our society, but in the case of Turkey’s new rape law, the punishment is being given to the victim. Perhaps, the government is innocent and expects that a person who once didn’t care for the consent would always care to take the permission for entire life. Or maybe it is okay for a husband to exercise his will upon his wife without her consent.


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