Turkish men singing Afreen Afreen

Here are the Turkish men who are perhaps, trying to become overnight famous like Momina Mustehsan through a rendition of Afreen Afreen.

No one can deny the fame of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan who used to make the people from worldwide to sway in enchantment through his ever mesmerizing performances.

It seems that these Turkish men couldn’t stop their obsession with Afreen Afreen, a song that is capable of taking anyone to the height of fame.

Pakistani social media users who may not be pleased with this new voice but they have got a look alike of their very own Fawad Khan in the form of one of these two Turkish men.

So people are totally ignoring what they did to the epic song Afreen Afreen, but they have succeeded in finding a Turkish version of Fawad Khan.

Pakistan and Turkey both have managed to find common grounds with each other. We are obsessed with Turkish dramas, they are obsessed with our songs, and now they have also got a Fawad Khan among themselves.

Earlier, Pakistani social media sensation Momina Mustehsan had sung Afreen Afreen in Coke Studio and had become overnight famous more because of her looks than voice. Same is the case with Turkish boys who are breaking social media in Pakistan due to their beautiful looks that make Pakistanis feel that Turkey has all the qualities of being a good friend of Pakistan indeed.


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