students of Pak-Turk schools

Pakistan might be able to establish the cordial relations with Turkey, but it is losing the trust of Turkish people. The students of Turkish schools and their parents have widely condemned the decision of government by saying it unnecessary and a foul in Pakistan’s Foreign Policy.

Although the Turkish schools are present in cities many cities of Pakistan including Multan, Lahore, Karachi and Quetta but the protests were launched in KPK only.

In another incident, many students and their parents protested at Kargil Chowk in Lucky Marwat and condemned that interior ministry’s decision to send back the 450 Turkish nationals of Pakistan, who included the staff of Pak-Turk schools and their families, was baseless and just done to please the Turkish President on his visit.

They urged Prime Minister to reverse his decision and allow the team to continue work in the schools. Parents are of the opinion that Turkish team is not involved in any conspiracy against the Turkish government.They further told that staff is not interested in manipulating the internal politics of the country, they are very straightforward and concerned only about teaching the students. They also showed their satisfaction regarding the standard of education in these schools.

Many students and their parents launched a protest at Peshawar press club and also talked to the press conference. They also slammed the Pakistan’s foreign policy that is plainly lacking a solid ground.

Students and their parents claimed that sending the Turkish staff back would jeopardise te future of thousands of students at the same times it would distort the image of Pakistan at international level. Even if the government wants the teachers to leave the country, then it should do this in an honourable way by recognising their services.

The Pak-Turk schools are run by Fateh Ullah Gulen’s NGO who is deemed to be against the Turkish government and responsible for planning the failed coup against the Turkish government. While addressing the joint session of Pakistani Parliament during his visit, Turkish President said that Feto (Fethullah Terrorist Organisation) to be a threat to Pakistan’s security.


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