Twitter trolls perfectly sum up people’s reaction on Shan Ad


Apart from its acceptance or non-acceptance, one thing was sure about Shan’s latest Biryani Ad, and it was its simple ability to generate entertaining stuff in the form of Twitter trolls.

People were quick to take out the points of their relevance from this hilarious TVC come video exhibiting the prospects of Pak-China friendship, and a role that biryani was likely to play for making it stable.

So, here is what Twitterati thought about this ad.

Shan Ad Neighbor trolls

Questions you would throw at a Chinese after spotting her at your door.

Shan Ad Twitter Trolls

How it was possible that Bik Gai Hai Gormint Aunty couldn’t have fit herself in this scene.

All Pakistani girls are very right to raise this concerns, how is it feasible to make this perfect biryani by merely having a look at the recipe on masala pack?

On the point, is it such an easy to ignore a foreigner woman moving in streets when Pakistani girls have funny stories to reveal?

No one Whistles at Chinese woman

Is not it the more logical explanation of why Shan came up with such theme?

Chinese taking Dupatta on head

These Twitter trolls are not enough as hardly one day has passed since the release of this ad, we are expecting more social media memes ahead as people carve out their related stuff.


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