Types of Eidi givers you face on Choti Eid


The occasion of Choti Eid comes with lots of excitement in the box; the delish food, the all new dresses, the new jewellery, it offers you everything and the cherry on top is Eidi!

However, it never remains easy to get Eidi from your all relatives. Some actually come as a real hard challenge to face and bear, if you really want your share in their money.

1. The wealthy ones

The wealthy relatives will give you Eidi without a single delay. They are the best but rare ones.Eidi

2. The penny pinchers

These niggards will not spend a single penny on Eid no matter how many times the brazen kids ask them, “but how about giving Eidi?”Eidi

3. The one who always delays

This particular one will eventually give you money but had to play delaying tacks to create exasperation; they are the real annoying ones actually. Eidi

4. The non-progressive Eidi givers

They still live in 90’s and have not raised the amount of Eidi they give. They still in 2000’s, honour you with rupees fifty or sometimes ten.Eidi

5. The foreign relatives

These relatives are not less than any trump card and are the main targets to get foreign currency from.Eidi

This festival though comes once in a year but left its impact on us for long by the amazing memories we make throughout this festive.

Our daadis, naanis and the parents are too cool to give Eid money instantly. Though our mothers are always upto taking our cash for not returning it ever.

All these customs and traditions related to this big occasion after Ramadan add colours and much excitement to the lives of people.


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