The types of people you find in a Pakistani restaurant


One thing we desi people love doing is going out for good food at a great restaurant, especially Lahoris! We love our biryanis, our karahis, and love having fancy food, names of which we can’t even pronounce. In Ramadan, restaurants put up pretty great Ramadan deals and iftar buffets with dinners so people can rush out to have a great time at iftar. And I’m sure anyone who’s been out to restaurants, can relate to seeing the following people there too:

The stalker:

That one person who practically notices everyone on every table, and keeps a strict check on who is eating what and how much does one person eat. I mean really, don’t you already have too much on your own plate to take care of?


The one who always drops something:

That sudden “thud” and the entire restaurant suddenly looks at him. It always happens.


The loudspeaker:

The loudspeaker is he who is narrating his life story on those on his own table and laughing hysterically, but he’s so loud that practically every person in the restaurant can hear what he’s saying.


The phuphi jaan:

That one woman who comments on everything, the people, their dressing, their choice of food, or even makeup and shoes, being completely unaware of the fact that others can hear her.


The one who’s overdressed:

The one person who’s overdressed as compared to everyone in the restaurant. Fashion ‘show pe aye ho yaar app?’


The one who’s underdressed:

Then there’s the one who doesn’t know what century he’s in, doesn’t know where he is, doesn’t care what he looks like as long as he gets good food. So he decides to show up in his pajamas while everyone stares at him like he’s homeless.


The uncensored pindi boy:

That one guy who constantly stares at your group of girls…and even though you’ve just given him a death stare he just doesn’t understand!


The spoiled and irritating kid:

That one kid who’s hard to control and basically a pain in the bum not only for his parents but also for everyone else in that restaurant. Dropping spoons, breaking plates, throwing food, SCREAMING, ‘isko koi sanmbhaalay please.


The Snapchat squad:

That one group in every restaurant who takes snaps of themselves, their food, the table, the waiters, of the people around them, and they don’t notice that they’re getting annoying now.


The Instagram brigade:

The group who won’t let each other eat before they get the perfect Instagram #FoodGasm picture.




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