The owner of A-one cab service has said in a petition in Lahore High Court that he asked PTA (Pakistan Transport Authority) to regulate his ride-sharing service, but authority refused to do so saying that there didn’t exist any such laws.

The owner of the service also told in his petition he was facilitating more than 800 passengers through a luxury cab service on international standards providing painless and peaceful service. He also informed that his service in the UK was legal and licensed and the Mayor of UK regulated it.

A-1 service lawyer also disclosed that it didn’t show the unwillingness to run a regulated service in Pakistan and was ready to operate a licensed facility that would comply with all these legal requirements to use the private cars of providing services on the commercial basis. But the government didn’t accept the offer saying that there were no such laws that governed these services.

As a result of this, LHC stopped PTA from taking any illegal action aginst the A-one ride sharing service and also asked Punjab Transport Authority and Chief Traffic Officer to submit responses till February 20.

It is pertinent to notice that Punjab Transport Authority banned the Uber, Careem and A-1 Taxi service as they were not following the relevant law and declared them illegal. Why authority didn’t give legal cover to A-One Taxi service to prevent loss of revenue and ensure safety measures if there existed a law.

Further, the war of Uber and Careem with authorities was on the matter of registration of company and payment of tax under the law, if there was no way to raise the legal cover to such services then why such issues were raised with other companies too.

Although a committee had has been formed by CM to look into the matter and establishing a legal framework, there has been a constant denial of the Android run cab services like Uber and Careem to pay taxes as they both uses different legal excuses.


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