Horse Trading and Power Abuse in FPCCI election 2017

The business politics has also polluted in Pakistan after the national politics. The Recent election of the FPCCI (Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry) has broken all previous record of horse trading, abuse of power by the ruling United Business Group (UBG) which used all central government and provincial governments of Sindh and Punjab powers to sweep the 2017 election again.

The winning UBG is so blunt in bribing the voters that they even openly admitted the use of all tactics to win the election in a video after election result on December 30 night.

The FPCCI is the apex body of business and trading community to voice at different local and international forums for the promotion of Pakistan trade and industry and in evolving the favorable policies for the economy. However, the tinted elections expose the derailment of Pakistan’s economy as one who elects by bribing the voters’ associations then how he will contest their case in the government departments in policy making.

The UBG has won the FPCCI elections-2017 held on December 30, 2016.

Politics always proves to be a dirty game whether it is between the parties running for seats in government or between the groups running for ownership of business institutes. The clean sweep of UBG in FPCCI election 2017 was also powered by horse trading and political bargain.

Here is the video of dialogue between the S.M Naseer the brother of Chairman TDAP (Trade development Authority) S.M Muneer and Ex-President FPCCI Rauf Alam about the hard input made in horse trading for the elections.

“He ran the best election campaign, opened the treasure chests for voters and used political references,” said the Rauf Alam.

“Even today we have distributed per person two iPhone, 60 in total.

Earlier, Haji Naseem-ur-Rehman the regional chairman of UBG had said to media, the UBG of FPCCI will win the FPCCI elections for the year 2017 by a wide margin. He alleged the alliance between Businessman Panel (BMP) and Pakistan Business Group (PBG) is not based on principles but constructed to earn personal gains.

The Alliance earlier has also alleged the UBG for weakening the FPCCI while Peshawar High Court had barred the CE TDAP S M Munir from election campaign of the UBG candidate in 2017 FPCCI election. The CE TDAP had run Rauf Alam election campaign across Pakistan openly in which he influenced the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and various Business Associations to vote UBG candidate to get their due work which is pending with TDAP. Their number of cases such as Rs 2.6 billion Export Freight Subsidy to Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA) is pending with TDAP, besides Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) billion of rupees Export Development Fund are stuck.


  1. This shows how businesses matter in Pakistan. This group has previously destroyed the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry image in shape of their alliance with PIAF as LCCI has lost its galory and acceptance of demands by FBR, MOC, Ministry of Finance and provincial govt departments. Now the FPCCI turn to face the music by these so called business gru


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