Hear what students of UCP Law college have to say about the university!


After 28 years of excellence operating in a separate institution under the name of “Punjab Law College” and offering legal education there, PLC has finally received accreditation from the Punjab Bar Council in order to operate the 5-year LLB degree on campus in University of Central Punjab. The department will be called UCP Law College (UCPLC).

We got in contact with some law students who were shifted to UCP from their previous law department, and asked about their experience in UCP law college for the past 6 months. Looks like they’ve made the best out of it!

Sheheryar Baig:

UCP law college
Sheheryar Baig

As a student I found UCP one of the best institute. Yes, there are multiple flaws here, like we had classroom issues in the beginning of the session, but they are worthless while considering its positive aspects.

In my opinion the prominent aspect is that here students are encouraged to actively participate in wide ranging extra-curricular as well as co-curricular activities which are the only source of skill development and beefing up the confidence among young ones. UCP is a pottery where teachers act like a potter in reshaping the lives and personalities of the pupils with love, care and a little firmness.

Layba Irshad:

UCP law college
Layba Irshad

Ucp has beeen a home for me. One of the places I’ll always be nostalgic about. Saal guzar gaya pata b nai laga. Going to miss all those canteen cold coffees, tasteless yet yummy biryaani. Teachers and I bonded more than ever. Ucp k student uncles. Cute follow requests. And staff making us run away and failing, with all food we wanted to smuggle inside the classes. It has been one hell of an experience. I’d always want to come back whenever ucp calls, or whenever my teachers need any help from me.

Mian Rauf:

UCP law college
Mian Rauf

Students’ priorities are quite different here. Majority of the boys and girls take more interest in extra-curricular activities rather than in curricular activities. The students are very much engrossed in the former activities.

During my 6 months at the UCP I found that the majority of the students touch their books and notes near the exams just to pass it out but minority students create balance between these two activities. The UCP law faculty hires practicing lawyers, on duties CSPs and retired Justices of different respective courts (known as visiting faculty) for its students.

The teachers helps the students in formulating their opinion with their own experience, writings and skills. During my stay at UCP I’ve received the proper university life a student desires, and its been wonderful here.

Laiba Waqas:

UCP law college
Laiba Waqas

I have a love-hate relationship with UCP. I was traumatised initially at the fact that our department was shifting to UCP, but all in all, I’d say that the 6 months I spent in UCP were probably the best 6 months of my BA!

It was fun pretending to be ‘Fatima’ whenever someone asked for my name, it was fun bunking classes but never being caught for it, and the best part was sharing the best breakfast moments with my best friends at the nashtay wala dhabba opposite to UCP. The faculty at UCP is amazing, you’ll have teachers who will be more of motherly/fatherly figures to you than mere professors. You’ll find great companions here, and most of all, you’ll make some beautiful and some worst memories within the campus. UCP will always have a special place in my heart, and I know 5 years from now when I’m successful in the field of law, I will run back to the dean Prof. Hadia Awan and my teachers for them to be the first ones to know of my achievements! And I hope everyone in the coming years will love the UCP law college as much as I do.

Shahrukh Mehboob:

UCP law college
Shahrukh Mehboob

Basically, it is always a desire of a student to study and enjoy the life of university. Because it is overwhelming and a good exposure with a nice environment so when i started law from university of central punjab, it was a good and hefty experience, and senior teachers and retired judges with their massive experience gave me opportunity to learn a lot. Different Law moot competitions helped me to enshrine my skills and enhance my learning experience.

It has been a proficient and knowledgeable experience studying at the UCP law college in the past few months.

Sonia Akmal:

UCP law college
Sonia Akmal

My last year of BA (law) was the best one thanks to UCP and my best friends who accompanied me there. I enjoyed a lot, and as much as studies matter, the memories I made with my friends Laiba square are very dear to me.

Winters in university were the best! The library is so huge and has such a wide range of books from all genres. Spending time at the library has always been peaceful, unless you make some noise, then you’re busted! Loved everything about UCP law school in general.

Muhammad Ahmad Ali:

UCP law college
Muhammad Ahmad Ali

In the beginning, UCP was short of class rooms, and it was so hard for them to accommodate the incoming law students! So most of the times we were attending lectures and the office boy along with the guards used to come in and tell us “Class khaali kardain aur bahir ajayein!”

The look on our teacher’s face was always priceless, especially because we used to be on the peak of our imagination at that time. Its one of the many funny incidents that’s happened to us in class ever since we’ve been shifted to UCP law college!


Other than that, good luck to everyone who intends to join this institution and be a part of the UCP law college.


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