UCP's debating society
UCP. Photo credits: Google

The University of Central Punjab (UCP) is holding an Open Mic, and they’re inviting all feminists, comedians, social activists, debaters, journalists etc.

UCP’s debating society president, Moeed Ahmad, a student of Pharmacy put forth this idea to hold an Open Mic which would give several people a platform to come and share their ideas on. The thought behind arranging this Open Mic is deeply rooted with Pak Tea House, which Moeed feels like is the torchbearer of literature in Lahore.

UCP's debating society
Inside of the Pak Tea House in 1960

In previous times, it was blessed with the presence of writers such as Faiz, Manto and even Ghalib. These writers used to gather here, and they discussed their books, prevailing social issues and other problems in the on-going era. However, once these golden writers passed away, Pak Tea House went “out of fashion”, the paint started scaring off, and the building got rusty as it faced a turmoil. Moeed feels the poor state of Pak Tea House today is a symbol of demise of literature in this generation, as the youth has really detached itself from reading books, literature, and their cultural heritage.

This Open Mic will discuss social issues of Pakistan, and relive the memories of the great writers of Pak Tea House. Speakers will be brought in from various walks of life, who will present their thoughts and share their ideas. This is similar to the discussions Manto and Faiz used to hold back in the time.

The Open Mic will be held in October, and UCP’s debating society is looking forward to meet everyone who want their voice to be heard. Special guest speakers will be invited so the audience can have a good time having intellectual discussions with them as well, but don’t worry it won’t be boring! Because there will be stand up witty comedians present there for you to.

We will keep updating you about the confirmed date of the Open  Mic, and until then, we wish  UCP’s debating society the best of luck for the event, with much appreciation for the president who’s organizing it.



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