Tesco PLC, the UK-based world famous retail brand is looking forward to entering in Pakistani market through a strategic partnership with Alpha-Supermarkets in Pakistan.

Given the increased investment opportunities due to a huge customer base in Pakistan Tesco plans to offer its food and non-food products.

Limestone Pvt Ltd Chairman Nadeem Hussain while talking to media at the British Deputy High Commission on Tuesday, “Tesco will only supply its products to Alpha Supermarkets, with which it has the exclusive partnership in Pakistan.”

“Tesco has not invested anything yet in this association, it may invest in the future, but any future investment decision is up to its management,” he added further.

Tesco enjoys the fame for being the UK’s largest and world’s third la largest retailer in term of turnover; it is also the second biggest employer after the UK government. The retailer has also significantly enhanced up to 38%.

Alpha supermarkets with which Tesco has entered into a partnership is planning to open 50 Express stores in Pakistan in next three years, with major outlets in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore.

Head of New Market Tesco Stores Limited Jared Lebel said that Pakistan and the UK have already strong economic links and you will see them improving in the coming years, reported Express Tribune.

Tesco provides it service in 11 countries across Asia and Europe and also spends £ 1billion for offering more products. The Recent endeavor of the company is also a plan to increase the market penetration by targeting huge consumer base in Pakistan which is expanding with significant advancement in technology.


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