UK citizens deported to Pakistan

Members of UK sex gang are facing deportation to Pakistan after an immigration court rejected their appeal not to remove their British citizenship.

Four people including the ringleader Shabbir Ahmed, Adil Khan, Abdul Aziz and Abdul Rauf have been rejected their plea to avert the revocation of their British citizenship. All the men belonged to Rochdale and owned dual nationality being a Pakistani as well as a British citizen through naturalization.

They faced charges of child abuse for trafficking the young girls of the age of 13 years, The ringleader Bashir Ahmed was given 19 years of sentence in jail for being involved in child sex offenses and committing rape.

Taxi driver Abdul Rauf also faced the term of imprisonment for 12 years as he was responsible for a 15 years old girl’s trafficking for sex and raping her.

Reported incidents of child abuse and rape took place between 2004 and 2009 and criminals were sent for trial in 2012.

All the criminals are being stripped of their Britsh nationalities under a ruling by the UK Prime Minister Theresa May who was then home secretary in 2012 and also ordered to revoke the men’s citizenship for public good.

Shabir Ahmed also took his case to the European Courts of Human Rights (ECHR), claiming that all the five victims were white and hence the decision was a biased and asked for a fair trial but judges only rejected this appeal saying that no proof existed against the jury proving it to be a biased one.

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