Ukrainian lady visited Pakistan
Ukrainian lady, Olena Bordilovska, pictured while her trip in Pakistan

A visit to Pakistan was always a dream for Ukrainian lady, Olena Bordilovska.

Amazingly, her dream came true in the month of May, 2017 when she visited Pakistan and was completely inspired from the country.

“Pakistan seemed always interesting and mysterious to Olena.”

The lady apparently loved to be at famous Lahore Fort and called it one of the reasons to be at Pakistan.

She declared visiting the beautiful sites of the country as a chance to get closer to the sub-continent’s culture.

Besides her personal desires, Olena Bordilovska also came to Pakistan for an official reason to promote the idea of external affairs, political situations and challenges, Ukraine is facing.

“You are a very good ambassador of your country,” fellow in PIIA complemented the Ukrainian lady.

The visit to Wagah Border came out to be another interesting experience for Olena as she loved the border’s ceremony much and regarded the tradition as spectacular and very unique.

“This spectaculous Wagah Border ceremony tradition should be examined separately as a very unique one,” Olena Bordilovska remarked while writing about Visit to Pakistan on Kyiv Post.

Badshahi Masjid also grabbed the Ukrainian lady’s attention much and the collections of the Lahore Museum pleased her to the great.

She tried to get the historical stories of the sub-continent, which are being reminded from the ancient Harrappa site, Mughal miniatures and Mohenjo-Daro.

Olena has also fallen in love with the cultural Sindhi music which she experienced to listen in Karachi.

She also didn’t miss visiting the Islamabad’s Faisal Mosque and was totally stunned by the Mosque’s beauty.

According to the Ukrainian lady, the image of Pakistan is far more positive in Ukairine despite the news of terror attacks and disturb relations with India.

Her visit to Pakistan became possible due to the Ukairine’s Embassy in Pakistan and she visited in short period of one week three cities of Pakistan, Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

She attended different seminars and visited universities which further helped her to explore and love Pakistan.

Months before, a Spanish lady visited Pakistan and instantly fallen in love with the blessed country.

However, the cultural beauty, places and traditions of Pakistan made Olena’s visit to Pakistan the most inspiring and interesting one and her visit will surely build a great connection between Pakistan and Ukairine.


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