Umar Akmal disowned by fans


Umar Akmal who has been off the team for a while now because of many reasons. He asked the people if they want him back on the team and the answer came loud and clear in form of a NO.

kamran akmal not welcomed

Recently Umar Akmal posted a picture of himself, wearing a white shalwar Kameez and shining brightly in it; he asked the people, the fans of the game if they think the Pakistani team needs him with high confidence.

But the answer surely shook him when it came as a straightforward ‘no’ and they had a hilarious way to say that too.

kamran akmal not welcomed

With the recent comings and outgoings of players in Pakistani cricket team, our ex-player or players who are put on a break for any particular reason think that there would always be a way back in.

Most of them make their way into the team through political influences and connections which have nothing to do with their talent. People see this monopoly and are definitely fed up with it completely.

So when given a fair chance to channel their opinion they decided to be ruthless and absolute savage and made sure they were heard loud and clear.

Kamran akmal not welcomed

Umar Akmal got the answer to the question he asked but it couldn’t certainly be something he expected.

We are confident that, if given a fair chance, the people will channel their actual political opinion as well. One could dream, right?



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