Babar Ali in film Ishaarey Tumharey

Veteran actor Babar Ali is soon to make his big screen comeback with the new film Ishaarey Tumharey, whose trailer is out promising a full cinema treat for the audience.

The trailer reveals that team has done a tough work to ensure that it adds to a unique new year stuff. Selection of beautiful locations for shooting like Rohtas fort, and hilly areas makes the movie a worth watch but still the story is a great suspense.

Although it seems to be a romantic comedy we can’t distinguish how is it different from a traditional Pakistani drama. One thing which making it tough for Pakistani cinema to revive is that tv actors are coming forward to play their role, this is something that makes it difficult for the audience to accept an entire film to look like an actual cinematic show.

Ishaarey Tumharey casts the veteran film actors like Babar Ali. Sangeeta, Saba Hameed, and Javaid Shiekh would make a unique appearance. The actress Hiba Ali would be the female lead actress.

The trailer may seem to be inadequate for accessing the actual nature of this film in term of content, but the team claims that the movie is unique.

Film director Abdul Majid Khan said,”It’s going to be a very different movie from all the previous and present films from Pakistan,” he promises. “It’s also different from Indian movies; it’s entirely a Pakistani culture based film. You will see the difference in cinema. I hope people will like the movie. This is a women-oriented story especially for Pakistani women of all ages”, Images reported.

The movie that is likely to release at the start of 2017 would be an addition to Pakistani movie that is all set to promote their role in the revival of the film industry. We already have lined up certain animated movies and comedy films like Balu Mahi that would serve as real entertainment for the Pakistani cinema.


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