What is so unique about Dholki of Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane

Farhan Urwa Dholki

Here comes the Dholki of the year, as the wedding festivities of the trendiest couple of Pakistan, Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane begin. After Farhan had proposed Urwa at Eifel Tower in Paris, their marriage became much awaited event, which is scheduled for 18th December.

Just put aside the traditional concept of Dholki. Unlike the convention, Urwa didn’t sit by covering her head and face in a glitzy dupatta while sitting within the circle of cousins and friends singing and beating the dhol. A deviation from the custom but something but it is what a function of the celebrity couple should look like.

They did all that they could to make the event more memorable as evident from the giggle on the face of the celebrity couple.

Here’s to a life full of laughing fits ! ?❤️ @farhan_saeed #UrwaFarhan #FirstDholki @elanofficial

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Who says it is a taboo for the Eastern girls to look happy and dance in enjoyment on their wedding ceremony. Urwa Hocane has defied all such customs. This awesome bhangra step simply encourages every girl to celebrate her wedding in new terms as a new beginning on the life.

BRIDE-TO-BE ! ??#UrwaFarhan @remashehrbano @remaluxe @esfirjewels #seconddholki

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The function was not limited to the private celebrations of the couple; it also featured the traditional bonds of friends and sisters with the bride that becomes eminent on this occasion.

My girls always by my side ! ❤️? @mawrellous @sarahaizad1 #UrwaFarhan ✨

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The love for a bride for his brother flows out more instantly as her departure approaches. Same was exhibited by the Urwa but in a bit modern way.

Look who is here! Pyara Bhai ! ? @inseyazdan #Pieceofmyheart #seconddholki #UrwaFarhan ✨

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And how the function could even be completed without the trio of Farhan, Urwa, and Mawra.

Best of me ! ❤️✨ @mawrellous @farhan_saeed #UrwaFarhan #FirstDholki

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