Farhan Proposes Urwa at Eifel Tower

The iconic Eifel Tower, the symbol of love has just witnessed another loving couple binding itself in the official relationship after the celebrity couple Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed decided to go official. Yes, they have given Pakistani people their Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie.

She said YESS! ????

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The relationship between the musician Farhan Saeed and actress Urwa Hocane was never much personal, and they expressed their mutual feelings for each other in the form of on-screen love.

Like other celebrity couples, the relationship of Farhan and Urwa also led to a myriad of rumours about their secret engagement and even the wedding. They were seen many times dating and being on vacations together. Audience also loved their performance in the dramas like Udaari and Mery Ajnabi which let them see a real life love on the screen. No doubt Eifel Tower is the best place to make it now official.

The very level of the mutual understanding between one of the most well-known stars of Pakistan’s entertainment industry just required something very special on their behalf, and this speciality depicted in the form of a proposal on a site that is considered to be the hub of love birds.

There are chances that couple would soon tie a knot in December. The speculations are on rife that Farhan and Urwa’s wedding ceremony would be only one of its kind in Pakistani Showbiz industry.


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