Urwa Hocane's video song

Here is another episode of Tahir Shah’s Angel, in the form of new music video released by the Urwa Hocane, the actress famous for her role in popular TV Drama Udaari, recently remained in the news after Farhan Saeed, her boyfriend proposed her on Eifel Tower. The response on her debut song suggests that Urwa should better leave this task for her fiance.

Soon after the release of disastrous song social media burst into hilarious comments on Urwa Hocane’s song. While many users compared her video song to that of Tahir Shah’s angel, many asked her to remain within the field of acting.


Earlier, she also sang Saathiya with Farhan Saeed, and it remained acceptable. Even in Udaari Urwa played a role of a street singer in Southern Punjab. In the recent song, that was a solo performance of the actress turned singer, people couldn’t keep their criticism off.

Maybe after such level of criticism from the audience, Urwa would reconsider her decision about singing.


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