US ballot on Tuesday

Voters in 35 states will not only be considering the next US president but 154 ballot measures as well. This year’s issues include loosening marijuana rules, healthcare reform, revoking the death penalty, increasing the minimum wage, condoms, taxes and solar panels.

High on the US ballot

Nine states, involving 82 million residents, could loosen rules on marijuana. Voters in Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota will decide whether residents can use medical marijuana legally. Arizona, California, Maine, and Nevada voters will decide whether to legalise marijuana for those over the age of 21. Massachusetts voters will decide whether to regulate marijuana like alcohol.

Minimum Wage

Voters in 5 states will consider increasing or decreasing the minimum wage, which could affect 21.6 million residents. The measures are a far cry from the public demands for $15 minimum wage but give the lowest-earning workers at least something, as Congress continues to take no action to raise the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.


Voters in Colorado and California will decide to regulate drug prices by requiring state agencies to pay no more than what the US Department of Veterans Affairs pays for prescription drugs. Also, a healthcare payment system designed to finance universal health care for residents partly through an additional 10 percent payroll tax – two-thirds paid by employers and one-third by employees.

Gun Control

Four states will consider gun control measures. A measure on US Ballot would allow people to get a court order that would temporarily ban firearms sales to people who show signs of mental illness or violence.

Americans own 88.8 guns per 100 people, or about 270,000,000 guns, with 22 percent owning more than one gun, 35 percent men and 12 percent women, according to analysis.

Death penalty

Voters, especially from California and Nevada, will decide whether to overturn the capital punishment or not. US Ballot will also raise the issue of speeding up the process.

Interesting and Unusual

  • Voters in Florida will vote on Amendment #1, concerning the rights for solar panels.
  • In California, voters will get to decide whether porn actors would be required to wear condoms during filming, under Proposition 60.
  • Californians will also decide on whether to ban plastic shopping bags under Proposition 67.
  • Colorado will decide whether to override an exception to slavery prohibition for criminals, meaning that the state could not insist on convicts working for free.
  • Maine will decide whether to overhaul the state’s voting system.

Here a simple question arises when will our political system will grow when we will be deciding things maturely? We will have some manifestos, and we tend to choose candidates regarding their propositions. When will the time come when we tend to lose persons over agendas?


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