Nawaz Sharif

After the landmark Panama Case verdict of Nawaz Sharif disqualification by Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan, China and United States (US) reacted indifferently and didn’t show any support to ex-PM Nawaz.

China regarded the matter as Pakistan’s internal affair while the US hoped for a smooth transition of political issues in the country.

China also hoped that all the parties of Pakistan would give priority to the national interests and maintain stability in the country.

Also, most importantly, the neighboring country remarked that China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would not be affected by the internal changes in Pakistan.

CPEC is a project that will not only prosper the economy of both the states, but it will also impact Pakistani culture in different ways.

“We believe that the China-Pakistan strategic cooperation will not be influenced by the changes inside the Pakistan,” according to APP, spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry Lu Kang said.

He also said that China-Pakistan relations have survived in all times of test no matter what.

China is ready to work with Pakistan for the interests of people of both the states and to promote peace and development in a region.

US after SC disqualified Nawaz, maintained for looking forward to smooth political changes and adjustment in Pakistan.


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