US Election 2016

It seems that the aftermath of US elections is following the footsteps of Pakistan, as vote recount demands have started echoing. For the fist time in the US, history public failed to accept the elections results and emerged on roads to launch protests against the newly elected US President Donald Trump, who is commonly known as red-neck and racist.

Trump beat her opponent Hilary Clinton with a little margin. No one claimed the elections to be rigged, but people have started challenging the decision of electoral college.

Remember the rigging accusation of Imran Khan in four important constituencies of Pakistan. The almost similar situation is now being observed in the Unites States where, American Presidential candidate, Jill Stein has announced to file petitions for vote recounting in the American states that played a decisive role.

According to a statement of the Jill Stein on Twitter, allegations of hacking allegations by foreign states resulted in voting irregularities in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

She also opined that after the hacking of servers and massive public database, the results of the election could also not be reliable. Given such circumstances, election results should be investigated properly to before the next US President gets certified.

Jill Stein also filed the petition in election commission for a vote recount in the state of Wisconsin and also intended to do the same for rest of two states.


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