US funding FIA

The United States has provided funds of PKR 45 million for reconstruction of devastated FIA (Federal Investigation Authority) building after government showed no interest.

According to print media reports, due to efforts of Dr. Usman Anwar, Director of the investigation authority, International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs of the US consulate issued the funds.

Government entirely ignored the FIA building that met destruction in 2008 and 2010 and didn’t pay any attention to its reconstruction.

Details revealed that higher officials of authority had requested the government several times to issue funds for the restoration of the building, but no positive response emerged even after the seven years since the incident took place.

During all this period FIA officials managed their work by sitting in small containers that accommodate three workers in the same cabin, causing disruption in performing daily basis tasks.

As part of the construction project, new FIA building would have 8000 feet long corridor area along with basement, first floor, and second floor. The work is likely to begin on Monday.

Shockingly, Government which is spending billion of taxpayer’s money in the name of different developmental projects has no funds to allow for the construction of FIA building. Maybe, it has full confidence in the US which is willing to spend millions for rehabilitation of its ally country’s institutions.

FIA which is assisting the government in taking action against terrorists and those who violate the law of the state is an important pillar of Pakistan’s law enforcement structure and doesn’t deserve any negligence on the part of the government.


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