Donald Trump Calls PM Nawaz Sharif

Nato’s Secretary General Jen Stoltenberg has warned the Trump about consequences of Nato America break-up, he termed the partnership between the America and Europe as indispensable.

While writing exclusively for Britain-based newspaper thegaurdian, Jen Stoltenberg who is also the ex-prime minister of Norway, warned the Trump that going alone was not an option, as the cooperation of US and Europe was inevitable to combat the security threat this generation is facing.

He responded to the Trump’s statement that questioned the NATO-US alliance with particular reference to continuing of American aid to the alliance. Stolberg wrote, “We face the greatest challenges to our security in a generation, this is not the time to question the value of the partnership between Europe and the United States.”

He also elaborated the Nato’s assistance to America after the 9/11 by adding,

“The only time the Nato has invoked its self-defence clause, which an attack on one is an attack on all was in support of the United States. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, this was more than just a symbol. Nato went on to take charge of the operation in Afghanistan, hundreds of thousands of European soldiers have served in Afghanistan, and more than thousand have paid the ultimate price in a process that is a direct response to an attack against the United States.”

Stoltenberg dismissed the Trump’s accusations that organisation had failed to play its role in fighting terrorism by highlighting its importance in the Middle East to fight the war with ISIS.

He conceded the fact that 70% burden of Alliance’s expenditures laid on America’s shoulders and hence Nato should make more financial contributions.

The chief also stressed the commonalities between US and Europe on the grounds of sharing same cultural backgrounds. He also termed the Russia as a threat to the security of the West as it was amassing the ten of thousands of troops on the western border. Earlier to this Trump had vowed to establish strong relations with Russia and criticised the deterioration of US relationship with Kremlin.

The difference of narratives between EU and US President-elect Donald Trump may also question the future of this alliance.


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