A rare video; Junaid Jamshed’s acting for a Khaleej Times commercial


A video of the commercial starring the Junaid Javed has been shared by the Khaleej Times on Twitter. For the Pakistani nation who is mourning the unfortunate loss of 48 death including the iconic Junaid Jamshed in the plane crash, such memorable things are just rewinding the past.

Junaid who was a celebrity for being an iconic singer, businessman, preacher and religious scholar is no more among us. Such gloomy departure of the star has made many of the Pakistanis to peek into the glorious past and the youth that was incomplete without the songs of vital signs.

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Amidst all these memories of the deceased celebrity, the most mentionable is the advertisement that featured the Junaid as the model. The action packed, thrilling and rather funny add just reveal how dynamic and diverse was Junaid in reality.

It would never be wrong at all to say that life of the Junaid was a great learning for anyone who always experienced an enigmatic situation. Giving up such glamour is never so easy and that too on the peak of the career, but a courageous person like him was able to do this.


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