Qandeel Baloch as Qaum ki Beiti

Soon after the brutal assassination of the social media sensation Qandeel Baloch, feminists suddenly felt that they need to acknowledge the lady as an icon of the women empowerment.

Let me say that case of Qandeel Baloch had to do very little with the stereotypical norms of this patriarchy. Every little segment of this society owes to the life and ultimate fate of the lady and yes feminists are no more an exception, even after her death, the pseudo-activists came forward to endorse Qandeel merely for strengthening the case against patriarchy.

Here I would talk with a particular reference to the “Ladies Only” who made a video for presenting a tribute to Qandeel Baloch, labeling her as “Qaum Ki Beiti.” I mean seriously, how you can name her daughter of a nation that refused to accept her and later mocked her every act while hurling abuses.

It was insufficient to burn the picture of Mufti Abdul Qawi; the task would have been better justified if there existed a solid representation of capitalism, social differences and injustices, standards of morality and class biasedness. In this way girls could have become able to burn their pictures too, to credit the Qandeel as an icon of “national rejection.”

Why we need to blame society as a whole rather than only patriarchy for the fate of Qandeel. To know what made Fauzia Azeem come out as  Qandeel Baloch and resident of a backward area of Southern Punjab a social media sensation we need to utilize a complete psychological and behavioral approach.

The class system and high social standards often lead a person to go out of the boundaries, and this was what done by her. In an urge to make a living enjoyed by the high social class of Pakistan she tried herself in the fields like acting, singing and others that perhaps didn’t match her talent and couldn’t prove to be sufficient for fulfilling her desire.

Members of our society who already succeed to achieve a status are also responsible as they don’t feel a responsibility to guide the one on a path that may lead towards the success rather use a ridiculous criticism that makes a person senseless enough to indulge in any bold activity. Later, the same society terms those acts sheer absurd and doesn’t care to slam an otherwise different and unacceptable person who is the product of their behaviors.

Yes, our feminists need to be aware that creating a culture of social acceptance is what causes extreme vulnerability to any member. You need to overhaul the society better on in perspective of women subordination but also on the human behavior that leaves no room for his fellow being considering him poorer or lower than himself in any way.


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