Deepika Padukone black Dress

Deepika Padukone’s unique and rather shocking look at the red carpet of Star Screen Awards created a huge buzz on social media. This time her stylist Shaleena Anthani gave Deepika a black dress with huge black rose beneath the left shoulder.

The dress was indeed catchy and attention grabber but it didn’t receive a much positive response. Few remarked that Deepika’s look was awful while few commented that such dress didn’t compliment the superstar’s beauty and was an injustice to her, while few comments also praised the natural beauty of Deepika as it was still glowing with all its uniqueness despite such odd dress.

No doubt that Deepika Padukone is one of the gorgeous, talented and most admired Bollywood actresses of the present time, but the star must choose a dress classy enough to complement her elegant looks.


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