Tayyaba a child labor victim

Here comes an eye-opening incident of violence and brutality in the form of cruel bonded child labor practice on behalf of Pakistani elite.

Tayyaba; A minor girl who worked in Islamabad at a home of a session judge became the victim.The small rose bud was exploited by the greed and selfishness before it even blossomed into a magnificent flower. The bruises and scars on her skin prove that people have no sense of humanity, for them a living person who can work tirelessly twenty-four hours is senseless enough to bear the severe physical torture.

In Islamabad, the most modern capital in the world and a beautiful city that houses bureaucrats, officials, political and business elite, a session judge, the custodian of the law lets his family do violence on the minor who is a bonded child labor victim working as a slave and living in inhumane conditions.

FIR registered in case of Tayyaba
Source; Facebook page of Jibran Nasir

I just wonder in the modern times when a man boasts about his intellect, inventions and ability to conquer the far off planets, is he eligible to celebrate his pride after such incidents. Selfishness and greed were his problems even centuries ago, but these remains still a core issue.

The man of Jungle used to kill his fellow human being, but the man of city is still doing the same even after centuries

I still remember an English teacher in my school who was teaching us about the child labor and such matters while a nine years old girl was carrying her baby outside the classroom, as she was the babysitter. The bleak-eyed girl with a gloomy face was occasionally peeking into the classroom just to be one of the students who sat in. There are numerous such incidents where innocent kids suffer humiliation at the hands of professional members of the society.

Unfortunately, the care and humanity are now only fantasy words that seem good when carved on books, in the poetry of revolutionary poets and the echo of melodious singers. For our elite all these forms of art are just a fashion in intellects that never fades, always remains fresh and provides content to talk about over a cup of tea.

Perhaps, this is the reason why the leaders who raise the slogan of Roti, Kapra and Makan very often treat their servants as the slaves in the village homes. Women who work in the child labor NGOs, prefer to hire a minor as a babysitter.


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