Karachi street kid

This viral picture of a Karachi street kid with a stray dog is what you should see on this day to reconsider the actual nature of feelings, emotions, and harmony that not human beings but all the living beings express for each other.

Initially, it was the picture of a stray dog wearing a full sleeved shirt to escape from the cold of December that grabbed the attention of people. Later, what made the picture more catchy and intriguing was the Karachi street kid, befriended by the dog whom he called Jaggu.

While posting the picture, the man Muhammad Imran Belaal, narrated an entire story that was heart touching and showed how one could help a poor creature despite such shortcomings. While describing the scene in Picture Belaal wrote,“I saw this dog last night at Bahadurabaad wearing a full sleeves shirt, and while I was trying to capture him this boy came calling Jaggu Jaggu and the dog went crazy after him.

“He started playing with him which was unbelievable as I never saw a stray dog playing as he was with this kid who feeds him every day and he is the one who gave Jaggu his shirt to wear because of its cold.”

The video of this kid will make you laugh and then cry over society

Social media viewers not only received and welcomed the picture by liking it but also contributed to the cause created by the Belaal. The man is now collecting funds to make sure that street kid gets proper schooling and the dog also receives the genuine care from a Vet. Later, media outlets like Tribune and Dawn also conveyed the message of Belaal by reporting the story, so that maximum people can contribute to the cause.

We never know how many street kids and Jaggues are supporting each other in chilly December nights, through emotions that don’t need any language for their understanding.


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