viral parody of Bilawal Bhutto

As the Bilawal is becoming more prominent in political scenes, Pakistani comedians are becoming obsessed with his imitation and parody. No doubt, that Bilawal’s unique style of speech is getting recognition same like his grandfather, in the real sense of same but different. The new parody of Bilawal Bhutto by this little girl is proof.

Speaking style of Bilawal Bhutto is becoming more like entertainment. The politician often remains in the news not only because of his political statements but also because of his scandals. It has become such an obsessions that even small kids have started copying him fluently. Here is the viral video of a beautiful baby girl who eloquently copied the speaking style of Bilawal Bhutto in way one one could ever do.

This viral video of this cute little girl does not only reveal how much Bilawal is imitable rather it also highlights the important aspects of the young politician’s life. Yes, to name the few issues,  marriage remains a significant problem for his life that also echoes in his political speeches that are often written by aunties and uncles belonging to his party.

Apart from Bilawal’s status as a political leader and entertainer, his emergence on the national level has bestowed comedians with new stuff to imitate. The viral video of his cute baby is proof that Bilawal’s style is not at all difficult to copy. This is not the only artist who has done the parody of Bilawal Bhutto, people have tried this earlier too.


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