Ball tempering video footage of Virat Kohli; would ICC punish him?


Here is the new demo of ball tempering from Indian cricketer Virat Kohli.

Indian Captain Virat Kohli is just caught on a footage while tempering the ball during the test match against England in Rajkot. In the camera footage, Kohli can be clearly seen softening the ball by shining saliva against it.

It can be viewed in the footage that Kohli first takes his right hand to the mouth, then rubs it with sweet inside the mouth; later he uses this for tempering the ball. The footage clearly shows Virat Kohli tempering ball with a residue of sweet inside the mouth. Till now, International Cricket Council has not taken action against the cricketer; Maybe it is not aware of the act, or has not seen the footage. If ICC comes to see the video, then it would consider taking punitive action against the cricketer.

Recently, ICC also punished the Du Plessis, 32 years old Sout African cricketer, for repeatedly shining the ball with saliva.

In the following video South African bowler Du Plessis can be seen tempering the ball by using mint.

The way Kohli dealt with the ball is much similar to that of De Plessis, so if ICC comes to know about the video, then it must take action against the Kohli’s ball tempering.


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