Khuzdar Blast

A night before Gwadar historic kickoff, a tragic and grief stricken incident happened when blast at Shah Nooran shrine at Khuzdar took 62 lives and the toll is still rising. The tragedy raised many serious questions and we thinks its the final wake-up call for the government.

Today we are inaugurating our dream, Gwadar Port. The Khuzdar blast, a night before kept us restless as where are we standing( countering foreign and internal threats)?

Government has to prioritize its agenda, acting according to the Geo-political situation.

We had a plan named National Action Plan. it had some points like:

  • Elements spreading sectarian violence will be prosecuted.
  • Madrassas will be regularized and reformed.
  • Measures will be taken to stop religious extremism.
  • Like the rest of the country, no space will be given to extremism in any part of the Punjab.
  • Special anti-terrorism force will be raised.

We have failed miserably in implementing and getting results from the National Action Plan. Sectarian violence is still very high in Pakistan, Karachi episode is an example. CTD, is just a new institution with a new name, Religious extremism is found all across the country. Even we have the news of our ex-Governor linked with banned organizations. and alarmingly there are people in governing party PML-N who have strong links with the banned organization, they not only protect them but also provide them with essential funding.

we have to fight internal threats, then we will be able to shift our eyes to the external threats.

PM Nawaz has to re-think his policies. He has to tackle these core issues strongly. he has to direct machinery on these core issues rather than panama and dawn leaks. PM has to start eliminating internal threats, the banned organizations tolerating on one, and no province an exception.

Today is a historic day, from today we can start our journey into a prosperous and developed Pakistan or remain in this disgusted and confused scenario. Inauguration is just a first step, we have to make CPEC a success story.

It all depends on the political establishment now, they have to stop being selfish and corrupt. They have to think beyond themselves and have to take decisions for Pakistan. Its the high time they show some patriotism. CPEC is a golden opportunity, we have to grab this and strive with all means to change our destiny. Not all nations gets the opportunity like CPEC and place like Gwadar.


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