Waking From a Dream to a Nightmare- Jacobabad Double Murder left Children Unguarded


Reportedly, in Jacobabad, a few days ago, a penurious newspaper hawker and his wife were killed mysteriously by armed men who entered their house forcefully. The murderers escaped the scene soon after the couple was killed, leaving behind wailing children – three sons and a daughter – over the horrific murder.

The murdered couple was identified as Faiz Mohammad Babar Jamali who was just 35 years old and Umna Babar Jamali. Faiz Mohammad was reportedly a kind and naive person who used to earn by selling newspaper; many of the times he had been seen helping out the passengers at the Railway Station for free of cost and had no enmity with anyone. The mind fails to accept that a poor newspaper hawker belonging to a small city, Jacobabad, could be a threat to anyone to the extent that he would be killed.

But with Faiz’s death, his four children who are less than ten, have been abandoned to face the world alone- the world which took their parents away.  They have been left alone to mourn over their parents’ death. Reportedly, his children fell asleep after being tired of weeping on their parents’ departure – heartwrenching.

Ironically, these innocent children to whom the meaning of death was unknown until now, were the only eye-witnesses of the tragic murder of their parents, which will leave an impact on them forever, corrupting their minds and hearts.They lived through the worst nightmare imaginable by anyone, wrecking their present and a possibility of a bright future. There would be no one to hold them, no one to look after them, no one to care for them anymore; they would have to earn by themselves, live by themselves – which might expose them to the evils of the society much before its time.

These kids, after what they have witnessed, might need proper counseling and support; someone to channel their emotions towards and express the impact this horrific incident had on them. Most of all these kids would now need a shelter, a home to start fresh and to believe in all the good this world has to offer to counter the evil it possesses.

People are being killed in this country as conveniently as if the country is lawless. The Jinnah’s perception of peaceful and safe Pakistan is now just a dream and limited to the speeches of hypocritical politicians. Being the citizen of Pakistan, taking care of the victim’s kids is the duty of the Government and the right of these children. Why all the security and loyalty of our state is kept aside for the rich and the poor get murdered in the middle of the night, without anyone taking notice? Why all the big cities get all the attention, while the smaller cities such as Jacobabad go unnoticed?

The Government of Sindh should immediately take the custody of these innocent children and provide them with all the necessities for their better survival and successful future. This would help to keep their minds from turning against the society and law which might seem easily breakable to them right now. But the Sindh Government has failed to deliver in many sectors, and maintenance of law and peace in the province is one of them. If the Sindh Government has failed to play its part of preventing a murder and taking responsibility of the victim’s family, Punjab Government could place a hand on your heads and could use its resources to help these unfortunate children from Jacobabad. There are many orphanages in Punjab which provide decent facilities to the kids who have no one to take care of them and show them the right direction. Punjab Government should think of these children as the children of Pakistan and give them the future they deserve, which has been mercilessly snatched away from them.This act of kindness will not only help to provide these children with a chance of a better life but also assist the government of Punjab in rebuilding their broken image in front of the people.


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