Wali Hamid Khan divorce with news

Pakistani actress and host, Noor have filed for divorce from her husband, Wali Hamid Khan.

After the news had broken out that Noor’s fourth marriage was also in mess, tabloids and social media platforms started criticizing the actress.

After the news websites started using controversy as a click bait, Noor’s husband Wali Ahmad Khan who is the son of the famous classical singer Ustad Hamid Khan, took to social media and requested people to respect her wife and not to interrupt in their personal matter.

On his official Facebook portal, Wali Ahmad Khan said, “Please stop commenting negatively about Noor. Please please respect our feelings and pray for us. God bless you all.

Wali Ahmad Khan who also worked in a film Ishq Positive under Noor’s direction has inevitably set a precedent through his effort to stop the social media users from making a controversy out of their personal life happenings.

After Wali’s post users came up with prayers and heartiest wishes in the comment box with the phrases of ‘God Bless You”.

It is not for the first time when targeting the personal life of a celebrity has seen a robust response from the relatives. Earlier, Mawra Hocane had also slammed the social media for criticizing the wedding of her sister Urwa Hocane with Farhan Saeed.


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