war of new channels-JIT

Since the beginning of JIT investigation, Pakistani news channels have taken unapparent sides, protecting the party they support, throwing in a sentence or two in their favor, and trying to be shady as anything.

But little do they know, we know their secret. They can hide it but they can’t run from it.

Geo has been caught supporting PML-N long before JIT but has been a masked supporter of the party throughout JIT investigation, trying to bring it in a positive light without looking biased but failing.

However, we don’t think that it is the only news channel who has shown favoritism, for better or for worst; Samaa TV and ARY News have also come across as pro-PTI many times.

They have given statements which were biased, tried defending the party even when it didn’t make sense to defend them and have tried to manipulate the audience just as much as anyone else.

Having a personal opinion and preference is natural, but when you are a source to deliver the news to the world if you are a representative and face of country’s current events; it is your responsibility to tell it how it is and tell the people to decide which way they want to bend.

No matter who’s right and wrong, these news channels need to stop living in their shells and work for the betterment of country’s reputation.

And once in a while when their ‘preferred’ political party is wrong, they shouldn’t support it and try to tell people the real facts and figures they have to make them more trustworthy and reliable.


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