Strawberry Quick Meth

A recent warning letter issued by the City School Karachi has warned Parents against the threat of a candy Strawberry Quick, that is alleged to be a disguise of a recreational drug cum intoxicant methamphetamine.

The letter says, “There is a type of crystal meth going around that looks like Strawberry Pop Rocks (The candy that sizzles and pops in your mouth) It smells like strawberry, and it’s being handed out to kids in schoolyards. They are calling it “Strawberry Meth or Strawberry Quick.

While warning the consequences of the drug disguised as candy letter states, Kids are ingesting this thinking that it is a candy and being rushed off to hospitals in dire conditions. It also comes in Chocolate, Peanut butter, cola, cherry, grape and orange flavors.

Strawberry Quick Meth

Strawberry Quick Meth has not made the headlines for the first time, the rumors that a drug is victimizing the innocent kids in the form of candy as sellers offer this to kids in their school surroundings, are widespread on an international level from 2007.

After the emails and warning letters had started circulating, investigations followed on that found that no such candy was being offered to kids rather drug dealers were intending to sell methamphetamine by adding different flavors to it but they didn’t deliberately manufacture it to provide for the children.

Do Parents still need to be Aware of Strawberry Quick Meth?

Although the Strawberry Quick meth seems to be a myth only this doesn’t mean that parents should now close their eyes, the danger is still there. Even if in the absence of any deliberate offerings, kids can become a victim after being failed to distinguish between a candy and a drug. The warning letter by the school makes sense and parents should take it seriously.

The need to keep the children distant from such intoxicants exists as they can make them fall a victim of certain disorders like hyperactivity and mental illness leading to chronic diseases in severe cases. Unfortunately, our kids are not given much awareness about the menace of drugs and the means through which they can be lured into this recreational drug that slowly eats up the health of an individual.

So make sure to warn their kids about the danger of eating candy after taking it from strangers.


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