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With the launch YouTube Pakistan, viewers have been able to watch the local content on a priority basis. Another benefit is that viewers get more exposed to the local content that is created by the local Youtubers. Now, when the YouTube has been officially launched in Pakistan, at a press conference on Thursday, the company announced the most watched videos of Pakistan this year.

The video sharing platform assigned the ranking to videos by some views, shares. Likes, comments and overall engagement of the audience. Surprisingly, animated show, Commander Safeguard remained the top one in the most watched Pakistani videos on Youtube.

2. Jawani Phir Nhi Aani by ARY Films

3. Udaari-Last episode

4. Pop Rock Desan Da Raja – Cornetto

5. DJ Bravo – Champion

6. Dil Lagi- Last Episode

7. Mann Mayel-OST

8. Bin Roye- Episode 1

9. Shakar Wandaan Re- Ho Mann Jahaan Song

10. Angel by Tahir Shah

YouTube is the California-based video sharing platform that runs as the subsidiary of the Google Inc. The online platform acts as the largest video sharing and video advertising platform by allowing content creators to upload and distribute the legal content worldwide.

Millions of people can watch the high-quality videos of events, TV shows, music, and even movies on this single video sharing platform. With the launch of Youtube Pakistan, now Pakistani content creators are also able to monetize on the content.


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