Independence day in every nation’s history is a time to celebrate the freedom and it is meant to be the most important day for every soul on earth since it gives you an identity.

This time, we on Pakistan Day, are going to celebrate 70 years of our independence.

Are we celebrating Independence day or Nawaz Day? banners
Footpaths and railings are filled with the banners

I was under the impression that it would be most memorable one since its the 70th and also the government had announced that it will be celebrated in the best way ever. But wait a minute…is it??

Through out my life, I have seen the month starting with ‘green’. From logos of TV channels to the public places, everything turns green and we start witnessing our national flag all over which is the 5th beautiful flag in the list of world’s top 10 flags.

Interestingly, this time it is green as well outside on the roads but not with my flag or any other decoration, but, with the banners and photos of our disqualified Ex-Prime Minister.

What I saw was:

Are we celebrating Independence day or Nawaz Day? banners
bridges overloaded with the PML-N banners

And this…

Are we celebrating Independence day or Nawaz Day? banners 2
Even our public is not realizing that its Pakistan day month, not Nawaz Day

Isn’t it hilarious but for a sensible person who knows the values of this month it’s painful!

It feels like we are going to celebrate ‘Nawaz day’ instead of independence day. A person who had already declared ‘Na-Ahal’ by the JIT due to corruption. His various party leaders who are nominated for NAB references but still their posters hanging all over presenting them as our leaders.

I don’t want to go in any history or in any allegations or support for any part. I just want to say this is our country, this our month, no leader is supreme than our only national hero, Quaid-e-Azam and neither party’s flag is superior to our country’s flag.

Following is the view of our Azadi Chowk where the beautiful Minar-e-Pakistan keeps giving us a reason to remember the sacrifices. Unfortunately, there is not a single place left to hang my flag and everywhere there is one bad show of self-promotion of the supreme leader of Noon League who wants us to believe that he resides in our hearts.

For God Sake! It’s our Independence day not a day of Nawaz or any party. Let start decorating our country with the true spirit of patriotism. Forget it for a while that from which party or leader you belong to. Just remember you belong to Pakistan. Because ‘You are Pakistan’.


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