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New WhatsApp Feature

Have you ever sent a message to a person accidentally and wished you could unsend it? Or sent a picture or screenshot to someone who it wasn’t meant for? Well, after a whole year of rumors, it has finally been revealed that WhatsApp is introducing the unsend option for its users. However, this feature is under the name of “Delete for Everyone”. This feature is for all android, apple and Windows smart phones. It is heard that it will work on the Web version as well

So, how will this new unsend option aka Delete for Everyone feature work? First and foremost, you and the other person are required to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed in your phones. Once you have sent the message, video, picture, gif etc. you will have exactly 7 minutes to delete the message from your own chat and from the other person’s chat box as well. After that time, you will not be allowed to delete the message for anyone. Upon deleting the message for everyone, “This message was deleted for everyone” would be seen instead of the original message. However, you cannot delete a broadcasted message on WhatsApp.

It is rumored that WhatsApp may also introduce a number of new Emojis. Oh, and the best part about this new feature is that no one is notified about the message being deleted.

So, what are your views about this new WhatsApp feature?



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