Ali Zafar on VIP culture

Ali Zafar has raised his voice against inequality that public suffers due to typical VIP culture in Pakistan.

In an open letter on Facebook, he addressed event managers and organizers of concerts to make them aware of how VIP culture distorts the spirit of entertainment for the public.

Here is how Ali Zafar sees discrimination among the audience at shows to be a problem.

A hurdle between Art and Artists

Ali Zafar thinks that specially designated areas for influential personalities create a distance between fans and artists thus preventing the direct interaction. In this way fans who pay for enjoying the live performance can’t get the entertainment, they expect from such events.

It teaches Inequality to students

While talking specifically about the concerts at schools, colleges and educational institutes Ali feared that barring students to reach in front because the area is reserved for the specific audience, would only teach them inequality. He said, “I have been taught by two career educationalists and speak from what I have been taught by example and with the utmost respect for educational institutions and academics. Having this physical divide on concerts goes against the very spirit we should be imparting.

It sets a wrong precedent

Ali Zafar feared that continuing with the tradition of promoting VIP culture from the educational institutions would set a false precedent fro generations to come.

He said, “It is my humble request to you then not to have this VIP area in front of the stage and then allow the real audience, the students and friends to be front and center.”

For sure, Ali Zafar has slammed the VIP culture that exploits public access to what they want and what they pay for. At the same times, he has come up with a unique definition of particular audience; the one who is interested in watching a performance and not the one who sits there because it is patron of particular institute

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