Why Halka Halka, song edited from Raees is better than Zaalima

Halka Halka

Another  Raees sensation of Mahira Khan with SRK is out in the form of Halka Halka, a song that was edited from the movie.

Earlier, Zaalima and Udi Udi Jaye had taken the viewers by surprise with the stunning chemistry of Mahira with SRK. Halka Halka is a romantic song that features the Raees couple walking in the rain while strolling in the streets of Gujrat.

The song which is sung by Sonu Nigam, whose voice is perfection for King Khan and melodious Shreya Ghoshal who also synchronizes well with Mahira. The song was not made part of the film just to cut short the screen time of the movie (not Mahira). Now, it seems that song has come out at its perfect time bolstering the efforts for promotion.

Two weeks have been passed since Raees has made it to the cinemas and it has received an overwhelming response from the audience. Raees has not released in Pakistan yet, and viewers still want to see the Mahira Khan’s debut Bollywood film on big screens. Earlier, the actress also took part in the promotion of her movie via Skype along with fellow actors.

Halka Halka it reflects more uniqueness in reflecting Mahira Khan’s chemistry with SRK, unlike Zaalima that is reminiscent of more traditional King Khan with Bollywood heroines.

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