The Lahore smog has jeopardised the situation of Khadim-e-Aala just like an economist; this is because an economist is very often in perplexions as he has to make a choice out of two options, Environment and Economy.

The dilemma of Shehbaz Sharif is evident from his decision of closing down all the industries to combat smog and then reopening them due to intense pressure from industrialists.

He should have understood that abolishing all the roads and traffic  is certainly not a way to stop the roadside accidents from happening.

The recent smog from Indian Punjab that hovered over in Pakistani Punjab had almost paralysed the life of citizens as it was a significant threat to health. At first, the passionate Khadim-e-Aala of Punjab, in haste to serve his people immediately ordered to shut down the industries but ended up suspending the country’s economy.

Taking punitive measures rather than opting for curative one has always remained the tradition of our society.Factories in Pakistan have always contributed a lot to atmospheric pollution adding the Lahore in the list of top most polluted cities of Pakistan. off course, this has not happened overnight. The industrial development always puts the environment at stake. The current PMLN government is no exception when it comes to the government’s negligence on the matter of environment. Thousands of trees are cut ion the name of Metro and Orange Line routes and the public is made devoid of supply of fresh air, but it doesn’t make a difference as they are available to cover huge mileage more economically.

The present time when global warming has hiked up, and humanity is facing the threat of climate change and resulting disasters, greater responsibility is laid on industrialists to make their operations environment-friendly.

Closing down industries for a short timespan is not going to make the atmosphere free from pollutants, but yes it is more likely to cause enormous damage to the economy. The only way to make industries efficient is by making them more compliant with the operating standards that hold them accountable for their measures taken for the environment.




  1. Soon the “water scarcity” will hit major areas of Punjab and then the CMs along with PM will be ‘miserable’.


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