Free Wifi in PIA's entertainment system

In its quest of providing better services to the customers, PIA has planned to introduce an entertainment system for its passengers.

The national flag carrier would provide free internet to travelers so that they can access the entertaining content on their mobile phones, laptops, tablets and devices they carry with them.

As an experiment, the service would provide 30 hours of the content watching including TV Dramas, comedy shows, kid’s programs, documentaries and Urdu films. In flight including very short timespans, the thirty hours of entertainment can promise much fun.

In the second phase, the airline is developing an app that would allow passengers to enjoy the 50 hours of entertainment including a wide range of content varying from the local to international TV Shows, Dramas, music, and movies of different genres.

Initially, the entertainment service would remain limited to few domestic flights of the Lahore-Karachi and Islamabad-Karachi route. Later, the service may be extended for the international travel too.

The system would be provided on the trial basis to the passengers of the flights PK-300, PK-301, PK-302, PK-303, PK-304, PK-305, PK-306, PK-307, PK-308, and PK-309. The extension of service to other flights would depend on the feedback from the customers.

PIA which is passing through crises due to poor administration is under the harsh criticism. The recent Chitral crash that took the lives of 47 innocent people just brought the national flag carrier to a robust public scrutiny.

After remaining in the news for the sacrifice of black-goat as a pre-ATR flight sadqa, the airline has decided to take the substantial steps for providing more value-added service to its customers. Even in the past, it was the courteous behavior of the staff and crew members that made the PIA stand distinguished at international level. Still, the sound condition of its fleets that has to play a deciding role in the safety of passenger is a big unresolved issue.



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