Dawn leaks probe

Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar has hinted on Friday over government’s willingness to make Cyril Almeida return from abroad for probe of controversial news that allegedly put national security in danger.

Is this a serious happening? We don’t think so that PML-N will want Cyrill to be back in the country and answer some serious queries regarding the source of the leaks, especially when the panamagate is in the court.

Our sources told us that Dawn editors had guaranteed army that the Cyrill will be back in the country, whenever they wanted him for  investigating into the matter.

The development came today in the issue of a news story published by Almeida in an English paper on October 6 that revealed ‘inside story’ of a civil-military meeting. In a press conference today, Nisar hinted that the journalist would be called back to Pakistan to assist in the probe that was underway. We don’t think so that Nisar can afford the return of the Cyrill to the country as it will cast pain to the government.

Interior Minister now has hinted that it’s not about asking sources from Cyrill, as it never was a real story. So in this regard, there are no restrictions on Cyrill and Dawn’s right stance that they don’t share the sources. Now tell the committee why you faked the news? And if you faked the story then on whom’s agenda? Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar terming Dawn story over security leaks said that there was no point of difference between chief minister Punjab and Director General ISI rather an exchange of harsh words.

“Dawn leak was a concocted story and after publishing it became a toy for other to play against the government while it is not a security leak but only baseless story including enemy point of view,” he said.

Interior Minister lashing out criticism over committee formed to probe security leak stated that Sheikh Rashid allegation against Usman Anwar baseless as the committee was itself an investigation and Cyril Almeda and Dawn editor being called for the further probe. But Interior Minister never told us that what will be the strategy if Cyrill refused to come back? Will they involve Interpol? And how, on which grounds?

Veteran journalist Sami Ibrahim had claimed that before the publication of Dawn’s controversial story regarding civil-military clash, Maryam Nawaz, daughter of PM Nawaz was in touch with Dawn’s correspondent Cyril Almeida who filed the story.

It should be mentioned here that PMLN-N has given the sacrifice of Pervaiz Rashid, former information minister regarding this dawn leaks.  Pervaiz Rashid’s has saved his worldly idols whom he and other party members worship. Obviously, we are talking about none other than PM himself. Pervaiz Rashid proved to be a young unmarried girl who got sacrificed in the feet of sharif’s deity.


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