Samsung Note Series

Last year premium and most wanted phones were Galaxy Note 5; things started turning grim when this year flagship Note 7 started catching fire.

Will Samsung dare to launch next Note 8? According to the New York Times, Samsung still don’t know the answer of why note 7 is spontaneously combusting, despite deploying hundreds of employees to work on the problem? So is that means the majestic and awe-inspiring Samsung Note Series a History Now?

Company Engineers were not happy because of the fact that Note 7 was made in haste, they need time for Note 8 now.

Samsung initially thought that the problem is in the batteries, the company replaced the batteries with another supplier ATI, but the problems remained the same.

According to Park Chul-wan, a former director of the Center for Advanced Batteries at the Korea Electronics Technology Institute complexity of the device as a reason why it’s taken so long to work out why the devices became dangerous.

“The Note 7 had more features and was more complicated than any other phone developed”, we are of the view that to hugely surpass the I Phone, Samsung seems to have packed it with so much innovation that it became uncontrollable.

Company’s Note Series was skeptical when Samsung announced it, because of the stylus and size, but as soon as it hit the market, it became an instant success.

Before note 7, all galaxy notes were trendy and hugely popular, they remained the best smartphones in their respective launching years, they not only offered the preferred screen size but gigantic Rams and processors.

Galaxy S series was the Samsung flagship, but note series somehow crossed it regarding sales.

The best part of Note Series was that it always revolutionized the medium, but unfortunately same was not the case with note 7; practically it was the first smartphone which did use retina scanner to unlock the phone, the very first kind in the smartphone industry.

Samsung paid attention to tiny details and to give the customers something new tech wise but ignored the functionality of the smartphone.  Samsung has now a good share ion mid-term market as they have aesthetically built J, A and now C series. S series is still the company’s main flagship.

Samsung has halted the sales and production of the note 7, but there’s remain the question that will Samsung come up with Note 8 next year or not? Frankly, Samsung has lost its Note Series credibility this year, will they come up with another name for the Series, so the customers feel comfortable to commend the series or will it cater the loyal clients of the note series with the same name.

In our opinion Samsung should not change the name of the series but should work hard to resolve the issues, then they can again make the series the king of the smartphone industry.


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