Strict secuity measures for Swarvysky trophy

Winner of the PSL 2017 season would get a Swarovski trophy that utilizes excellent quality crystals in its design and manufacturing.

Today, PSL management has announced the launch of PSL trophy that would be unveiled at Dubai International Cricket Stadium, on 6 February.

Earlier, Swarovski was used for the PSL trophy in the first season of the event, thus making Pakistan first ever country to use this material in cups. This PSL season would again feature and Swarovski trophy while Managing Director of the company would also deliver a speech about it.

The dazzling prize that would feature the dual edged crystals aligned to form a shooting star sculpture with precise cutting technology is unique in its structure.

The deign of the cup denotes patriotism and express the brilliance of this universe through the character of a shooting star in the galaxy.

Millions are spent on the renovation of Qaddafi stadium while teams would compete for iconic crystal trophy once again.

Gaddafi Stadium has already been made exclusive for the PSL final that is to be held on 7 March, due to the PSL finale, other events at the same venue are also being rescheduled.

Foolproof security measures are being taken for ensuring the safety of participants and audience.

After, the visit of the Gile Clarke, former chairman of the England Cricket Board, PSL has got a green signal to hold final in Lahore.

Chairman PSL Najam Sethi, corroborated the news while addressing a press conference. He said, “PSL final will be held in Lahore, and once that’s done then hopefully other international teams will also come to Pakistan.”

“The tournament belongs to Pakistan, no matter where in the world it is played,”

“Strictest security measures are taken in Lahore, as they were done at the time of Turkish President Tayyab Erdogan;s visit to Pakistan.”

Najam Sethi termed the PSL tournament as an asset of Pakistan as it would serve as a platform for the emerging cricketers to showcase their talent and polish their skills, he told that PSL has the representation of cricketers from every district of the country.



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