Swimming Pool

A very strange incident happened at a health club in Islamabad when a woman attempted to film the females at swimming pool and allegedly assaulted the female security official for upon her intervention.

Manager of Smarts in Safa Gold Mall told news resource that when a member of the staff tried to stop the woman, she pushed him and created the scene.

The woman who called herself a US diplomat from Pakistani origin erupted at security officials creating the disturbance. Management called the police and hand over her phone and the woman to them.

The Mall administration tried to play down the incident giving the perception that dispute was resolved with the consent of both the parties, Tribune reported.

According to reports the woman who went to poolside was not a member of the club and managed to enter the premises escaping the biometric verification which was a necessary step.

She went to the sight at the time when it was dedicated for the female swimmers.

The incident also made the members frown upon the security of the club that was flawed enough to allow a woman entry when she was not a member and couldn’t prove biometric verification.

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