With all this negativity and tragedies happening around us, a small wave of joy was brought to our attention when we saw the first hand stitched Quran of the world by a Pashtun girl Zamarud who lives in Karachi.

Zamarud spent seven years and 6 months, working hard day and night to make this hand stitched Quran which is the one of its kind in 1400 years history of Islam; which makes it a miracle in its self.

Zamarud said after completing the Quran,’ I am very happy that Allah (SWT) gave the knowledge and idea to make this. I have never been so happy in my life.’

Her family said that she had no interest in attending any function, wedding or simply going out for a change; She just wanted to make this hand stitched Quran.

the total weight of this Quran is 63 KG and its every chapter is separate with a separate cover which is kept safely in a box.

It is so rare to find such motivation and drive to make something good and bring a positive reform. Our society needs few more stories like this to bring us in a better position. Tell us what you think so this outstanding story of patience and hard work.


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